About the WNC

Think of us as the United Way® for mother nature!

The World Nature Coalition (WNC) is dedicated to supporting environmental and wildlife organizations around the globe who are involved with hands on conservation efforts.  The WNC has evolved into a nature leader dedicated to all flora and fauna including preservation of endangered species. The WNC is committed to fiscal responsibility.  In an effort to minimize administrative and operating costs and to ensure funds are utilized for education and preservation missions the WNC is 100% volunteer operated with no salaries paid to anyone.  The World Nature Coalition is truly a labor of love!

In addition to our support of environmental and wildlife organizations our Capitol Hill location serves as a legislative resource to advocate for organizations and individuals who work to preserve our earth and it’s inhabitants.  The WNC opposes legislation which impedes conservation efforts and individual rights and supports legislation that preserves and protects nature and wildlife.

When legislative mandates serve to preserve nature and wildlife we believe those mandates should be applied uniformly, fairly and consistently.

The World Nature Coalition is a 501c3 pending nonprofit conservation organization